What’s a ‘Keepsake Video Story’?

One of the things that makes our outings so special is the ability to add a Keepsake Video Story to most of our adventures.

For clients who book this service, during the adventure we shoot video clips from multiple different angles, including from the POV (point-of-view) of the adventure buddy (human), from the POV of the dog (video shot while the camera is on the dog), and at the dog’s level from the side, front and/or back.

Like this:

After the adventures we lovingly take the time to hand-edit each video clip and combine the very best clips into a little video story set to music that fits the adventure and the dog’s personality.

The result is an adorable 60-second video that tells the story of the dog’s adventure.

Keepsake Video Stories are 60-seconds, which is the perfect length of time for sharing on social media, and watching on a phone. Longer 5-15 minute Custom Video Stories are also available for an additional fee.

We can also include the owners’ pre-existing videos of their dogs in our longer video stories, to tell the full story of their lives.

These video stories become so meaningful over time, as dogs sadly grow up and eventually pass on. They bring us right back to that time and place in life where our dog was happy, vibrant and enjoying life to the fullest extent.

And they allow our clients to enjoy their dog’s outings vicariously, while they are busy doing the adult things like working to bring home the dog food.

It’s one thing to watch your dog’s activity on a map via GPS, it’s an entirely different (and more magical) thing to watch it on video.

It’s just one of the things that make our services so special.

If you haven’t booked an adventure for your dog yet, do so today!

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