The ‘Joyfulpoochmobile’ senior & invalid dog wagon

Many people feel that when dogs become seniors and/or develop serious mobility issues their adventuring days are over, but that’s just not the case here at The Joyful Pooch! (We happen to love senior dogs here, and feel honored whenever we have the privilege of caring for them.)

In fact, the very first adventure we did was for a 15-year old senior dog named Joey (seen in the photos below), who had enough spunk to run in the grass for ten minutes before totally tiring out. The rest of Joey’s 90-minute Park Field Trip Adventure was spent rolling around in our ‘Joyfulpoochmobile’, the cart we use for senior and invalid dogs.

Joey got to stop at interesting spots (which he indicated by intense air sniffing), and we’d take him out so he could sniff up-close-and-personal to his heart’s content. Then when he was done we’d gently set him back in the cart and away we went.

The cart is awesome for so many reasons.

  1. It has nice big cushy wheels that make for a comfy ride on any surface.
  2. It’s lined in a waterproof liner with a soft towel for a base, to make it nice and plush, and also prevent doggo nails from getting stuck in the mesh grate.
  3. It has sides that we can clip our GoPro video cameras on for some great dog-level footage.
  4. We can clip their leash onto the cart sides to keep the dog secure.
  5. The front folds down for the dogs with extra-long legs.
  6. It can hold dogs up to 60 pounds.

Take a look.

Dogs get to experience all the sights and smells of life with none of the stress on their bodies.

The Joyfulpoochmobile can comfortably hold puppers up to 60 pounds.

Our wagon has nice, big cushy tires that roll smoothly on pavement, sand and even trails, making for a comfy ride for the doggos.

If you live in San Diego and have a senior or invalid dog, please consider sending them on an adventure once or twice a month. It’s incredibly beneficial for their mental and emotional well-being, plus it will make you feel good knowing you are doing something really special for your dog.

They may be golden-oldies, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still live life to the fullest!

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