Behind The Joyful Pooch

That adorable dog in the photo there is the inspiration behind The Joyful Pooch. Her name was Fergie, and she shared her life with founder Jamie Piper.

In mid-2017 Jamie pulled Fergie back from the brink of death not once, but twice, through the powerful and magical force of joy.

Fergie lived and loved for another year, until she passed suddenly in Jamie’s arms the day of The Joyful Pooch launch party on August 20th, 2018. 

(You can read the full story of hope and healing here.) 

The two girls- woman and dog- saw firsthand how the infusion of joy into a dog’s life can have profound effects on their physical and emotional well-being, and in so doing, increase the joy in their owners’ lives as well.

Jamie decided to spread the joy, and carry on her beloved Fergie’s legacy, by providing joy-filled adventures to dogs in San Diego, and ‘dog joy coaching’ to dog owners around the world. Browse the pages of this site for more information on how to bring more joy into your dog’s life AND your life. 

Jamie believes that a piece of Fergie’s joyful, adventurous spirit will accompany every adventure she provides. 


Name:  Fergie ‘MissMonkeyPants’ Piper

Date of birth + death:  Born on 7/6/05; died on 8/20/18

Lived in:  Seattle, San Francisco and San Diego

Breed: Staffy, American Eskimo, Bulldog, Dalmation, Rottweiler, and various other mixed breeds

Came from: PAWS in Lynnwood WA

Loved: food, beach romps, sniffing bushes, squishy green ball, treats, grandpa, licking feet, road trips, food and more food

san diego dog adventures

Social handle: @missmonkeypants

Modeled for: Pedigree, WalMart, PetSafe, Workman Publishing, Nutro, and various dog magazines


There is nothing in life that founder/owner/operator Jamie Piper is more passionate about, or more in love with, than dogs. Dogs are Jamie’s reason for living, and she can’t imagine a world without them.

Jamie has vast experience working with and studying dogs in a variety of different capacities over the past 18+ years, and brings that experience to The Joyful Pooch.


The Joyful Pooch’s overarching mission is to increase the levels of joy and happiness in the lives of dogs and the people who love them. We do this by providing local joy-filled adventures for dogs, dog joy coaching for owners, a content-rich blog, and social media channels designed to delight and entertain.

We work with dogs who are are cherished family members, and whose happiness is a top priority in their owners lives.


  • custom video stories from every adventure
  • follow your dog with GPS tracking
  • pro photos from one of the country’s top pet photographers
  • activities tailored to your dog’s favorite things
  • variety in experiences = maximum mental stimulation for your dog
  • quick & easy booking and payment
  • fun product inclusions from partnerships with other great companies 
  • first-aid and CPR certified = your peace of mind
  • you give joy to shelter dogs with each adventure booked via our Pure Dog Joy™ Fund


  • 5+ years of professional dog walking + pet sitting experience with Seattle agency
  • 18+ years of full time experience working with dogs in a variety of different capacities
  • BA in Animal Behavior (canine emphasis) from the University of Washington
  • 15 years of professional pet photography experience
  • Owned and ran Cowbelly Photography from 2003-2018, working as a commercial photographer for national pet brands
  • Author of Beautiful Beasties, a Creative Guide to Modern Pet Photography
  • Experienced public speaker, teacher and consultant
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