Dog Joy Coaching for Owners

Super personalized 'how-to' to increase the joy in your dog's life

With the adventures Jamie provides the joy to your dog, leveraging her years of experience working with dogs to provide for them exactly what they need to experience joy on a level they often don’t in regular daily life.

With dog joy coaching, Jamie teaches you how to make your dog happier, in both specific and general ways that are designed to not only make your dog happier, but make you happier as a consequence.

Happy dogs = happy owners.

The in-depth coaching session will help you learn the adjustments you can make to your dog’s home and lifestyle to help improve your dog’s emotional well-being.

Jamie’s combines her university-level education in animal behavior and 18+ years of experience working with dogs, with her innate sensitivity to animals, and creates a game-plan for you to maximize your dog’s happiness.  

Sometimes even a series of small adjustments can have profound impacts on a dog’s emotional well-being, and having an objective dog expert survey your lifestyle and provide positive feedback on changes can make all the difference.

Here’s how the Dog Joy Coaching session works:

Pre-coaching questionnaire

Upon booking and paying for your coaching session, Jamie will send you a pre-coaching questionnaire to complete.

In the questionnaire you will provide information about your dog, and detail any concerns or questions you have about their emotional well-being.

Meet & greet

Jamie arrives and introductions are made (dog-to-human and human-to-human). You sit down with her for a few minutes for a quick ‘getting to know you’, and then give her the tour of your home.

You’ll find her warm and personable, and the session is designed to be fun and informative.


The tour is where you go into detail about every aspect of your dog’s life in and around your home, from where and what they eat, to where they sleep, potty, exercise, interact, play, etc.

During the tour Jamie takes notes, and with your permission, captures photos and video to review later for her homework.

Routine review

You will go over your dog’s exercise and mealtime routine, as well as how and when they have physical interactions with you in the form of play, cuddling and affection.

Bonding time

During this session Jamie will spend quality time with your dog(s), to get a sense for how they are feeling, and what areas of their lives are holding them back from reaching their full happiness potential.

Jamie is an empath, and there is a lot she can pick up on in just a short period of time spent with a dog.

The total time the in-person coaching takes is approximately 90 minutes, so you will want to block off that time in your schedule.

Homework time

After the session Jamie does her homework and reviews the videos, photos and notes she took during your session, brainstorming improvements to the areas she feels could use a tune-up.

Customized PDF

Post-homework Jamie creates a customized PDF for you that outlines every aspect of your dog’s lifestyle, and provides tips and suggestions for you to improve each area that needs improvement, including links to resources (information, products), that she feels you might find helpful.

The PDF is positive, and encouraging in tone, recognizing that you are already a kind and caring dog owner for booking a Dog Joy Coaching Session in the first place!

PDFs are delivered electronically within five-seven days of the coaching session and if you have any questions or need clarification after receiving the PDF Jamie is happy to have a quick 10-minute phone chat to clarify.  

Check-in phone chat

14-21 days after the coaching session Jamie checks in with you by phone to see how everything is going, and answers any questions that you have. She helps you make adjustments if necessary to ensure your dog is meeting their full happiness potential.

Ready to find out how to maximize your dog’s joy? Contact Jamie directly at to book. She can’t wait to work with you and your dog(s)!


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