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This little website is just a tiny corner of The Joyful Pooch world, and in fact, it isn’t even the best part of it.

Come hang out with us ‘virtually’ in the following places, ranked from our top favorite to least favorite social channels for sharing what we do.


We never ever share content that is negative or sad in nature. 100% of the content we share will make you smile. You never have to worry about accidentally stumbling upon a post about an abused or neglected dog in any of our social channels. 


We share new products, customer photos of our products, new designs, sales and specials, cute dog photos and more. 

So much fun.


Option 1) Follow our page.

We share all kinds of random content on our page, from blog posts we create to single photos found online to silly memes. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, but you might like it if you’re a Facebook junkie.

Please make sure you select ‘show first’ in your following settings if you want to see our stuff, otherwise Facebook will never share it with you.

Option 2) Join our Facebook community.

We have a group for fans of The Joyful Pooch. Not just fans of the business, but fans of happy dogs in general.

We created and foster a very positive environment for dog owners who want to do more for their dog’s emotional well-being. Go check it out.


Even more random than Facebook, and we’re not exactly sure why we use it, since most of our content is highly visual as opposed to text. But if you love Twitter, you’ll probably like it.

Follow us here.

NOTICE: our shop is temporarily closed due to covid-related supply issues. We hope to reopen soon.