When you give to us, we give to them

The Pure Dog Joy™ Program 

There are thousands of dogs in our area who rarely get to experience true joy. Some who have never experienced joy, or even anything resembling joy.

While their basic needs for food and shelter are taken care of by donations to the non-profits that support them, and their caretakers do the best they can to love and comfort these animals, what their spirits and souls really crave is sheer, unbridled joy. The chance to get out and be a dog and experience all the great things the world has to offer.

To run through the grass, to sniff the air, to chase the birds, to eat the yummy food, and get all the cuddles.

We are just the company to give this to them while they await their forever homes.

Introducing: The Pure Dog Joy™ Program:

We take San Diego area shelter dogs and dogs in foster homes out on fun adventures, to give them joy that often they’ve never experienced before. Many of the dogs come from sad pasts, and all are very deserving of happiness and joy.

We donate 10% of the net profits from our product sales to our hard costs of donated adventures, things like toys, treats and gas to bring the dogs to the most fun spots in our area. 

Who we donate our joy adventures to:

  • Shelters
  • Rescue groups
  • Foster parents

It’s an amazing feeling to know that when you are buying a product from our shop that brings you happiness and joy, you are helping a needy dog out there experience joy too.

Go find something you love. 



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