Company policies for our dog adventure clients



The mission behind our business is to maximize joy, and all the services we provide are to that end goal. We don’t engage in any services that may cause your dog frustration, anxiety, boredom or stress, such as things like nail trims, grooming, trips to the vet, intensive training sessions, forced medication or forced food, or any other services whose primary goal aren’t to maximize joy. We take into account your dog’s emotional well-being with every service we provide, and if, at our discretion, we sense that your dog isn’t happy doing something, we stop immediately.

For this reason, trust and flexibility are paramount characteristics in our clients. You trust us to monitor your dog’s behavior and ‘joy meter’, and you are flexible when we suddenly change plans due to one bummed pup. There will be no bummed pups on our watch!


All booking is done through our online portal, and clients must be registered before booking any services.


Prior to meeting us in person, you’ll register your dog through our online portal.

Before we provide any services, we need to meet with you in person in your home to find out just what it is that brings your dog the most joy. We will complete an intake questionnaire that will become part of your permanent file, and will document things like veterinary information, medical needs and other things that are unique to your dog. We require a minimum of 72 hours prior to any services to complete the in-home onboarding session.


Due to the nature of our services often being occasional and/or one-off, we strongly recommend that our clients keep their key in a lock box that we provide. There are two different types you can choose from: the type that mounts on a doorknob, metal fence or other immovable object ($25), or a wall mount that adheres to a door frame, garage frame or siding ($30). Our preference is for the lockbox to be designated just for TJP services, and that way we know there will always be a key at your home.

If a lock box isn’t an option, please be prepared to give us two copies of your key at your onboarding session- one that we will keep in secure coded storage in the office, and the other will remain with the associate. Please test both keys before giving them to us to make sure they both work. If you don’t provide keys at your onboarding session and require that we pick them up later, we charge a $20 key pick up fee. If you are not using a lockbox we also recommend that you give a key to a neighbor. This provides added insurance in the case of a natural disaster.

You agree to tell us during your onboarding session if we might encounter any other people that have keys or other access to your home when we provide the services.


All scheduling and booking is done through our online client portal. This ensures all of the schedule information is in one place, and keeps everyone on the same page.


We use an online third-party CRM software platform called Time to Pet to manage all of our client information, payment, scheduling and communications. You will have your own secured account that you can access via the desktop app or the mobile app.


You agree to let us know during your onboarding session if your dog is sensitive to inclement weather such as excessive heat, rain, thunderstorms or other weather events. You understand that we may need to revise our itinerary if the weather is not conducive to our original plans, such as if we have a beach session planned during a lightning storm. We will make every effort to ensure a fun and joyful experience no matter the weather.  


While we are happy to provide dog-reactive dogs with on-leash services, we can’t care for dogs that are reactive or aggressive toward humans, and/or who have a history of biting. If during our onboarding session we feel that your dog may be a danger to us, we reserve the right to refuse services. If, once we have begun a service, we determine that it isn’t safe to continue spending time with your dog, we reserve the right to end the session and return your dog home. We will contact you immediately in this case.

All dogs must be free of any communicable diseases, and get annual veterinary checkups. Clients agree to communicate any health issues to us as soon as they are aware of them. All dogs that we bring to off-leash areas must be 100% non-dog reactive, and current on vaccines, as well as spayed or neutered.


In order to help keep all of our client’s dogs flea-free, we require that dogs receive regular flea preventatives. This prevents us from transmitting fleas from one home to another. Please give flea medication at least 48 hours prior to your first date of service.


All dogs are on-leash during services unless in a designated off-leash area like an off-leash dog park or off-leash beach. We prefer to use front-hook harnesses instead of regular collars or back-hook harnesses. If you’d like your dog to capture ‘dog’s POV’ video, he/she will need to have a front-hook harness so we can secure the camera to the top of the specialty camera harness that your dog will wear over his/her regular harness. Dogs that don’t have a front-hook harness will can a regular or martingale collar, although the leash will be clearly visible in the video.


Due to the nature of services that The Joyful Pooch provides, we understand that you may have a regular dog walker and/or other pet sitter providers. For liability and insurance reasons, there can’t be a dog walker or pet sitter in your home at the time we provide services. During our onboarding session we will need to know if and when we might encounter those service providers in your home, and receive their contact information in case we need to reach them for any reason while you are gone. If we are sharing pet care with another service provider we can’t be held responsible for accidents and/or damage that occur to your home and/or to your pet while in your home, and you will agree to this in our service contract.


Because of the custom nature of our services and time required to plan each service, we require advance notice for cancellations and reschedules. Cancellation and reschedule requests can be quickly and easily made via your online portal.

If you cancel in less time than the following, we will retain your payment for future services.

60-minute: 48 hours notice

90-minute: 72 hours notice

2-hour+: 5 days notice

Events/parties: 7 days notice

We understand that things happen, so we just ask that you please keep in touch with us via text or email or message through your client portal to let us know if you think you might need to change your date.


Payment can be made using any major credit or debit card or ACH e-check, and full payment is required prior to any services being provided for all service types.

For regular clients: Invoices are sent every Wednesday and payments are automatically posted every Friday for services taking place the following week.

For occasional clients: Payment is charged at the time of booking.

We reserve the right to suspend services for payments that don’t go through prior to the service date.


All photos and videos (content) created by The Joyful Pooch associates remain the copyright of The Joyful Pooch. The Joyful Pooch has the right to use the content for promotional, commercial and/or editorial use. All clients must be willing to sign a property release at the time of onboarding.


All clients, whether regular, occasional or one-off, are required to sign a service contract at the time of booking. The contract contains these policies in detail.


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