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BFF Play Date


The BFF (‘best furry friend’) play date with dog’s best buddy at nearby park or one of the pupper’s homes, to play play play, or just be together as best buds.

The adventure price is per dog owner. (Both owners must book the service.)

See description below for full service details.

The BFF ('best furry friend') play date. During this adventure, your dog gets together with his best buddy at a nearby dog park or beach (or their own backyard) and they play to their heart's content.

This adventure is available during the day, or in the evenings M-F at certain dog parks. Play dates can also be done at one of the dog's houses.

Each dog owner must book and pay for this service.

Adventure includes:

  • Get together with BFF (best furry friend) for serious play time
  • Mini road trip to and from adventure location
  • Unlimited fresh purified water
  • Unlimited treats
  • GPS tracking
  • Five shareable keepsake web photos
  • 90 minutes of adventuring for each dog (includes travel time)

Days/hours available:

  • M-F: 10am-4pm + 7-9pm
  • Sat: 11am-3pm
  • Sun: closed

Please allow a minimum of five business days prior to your desired adventure date for us to meet with you and your dog and set you up in our online client portal. 

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